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At CRON-WEB we're often asked for recipe suggestions or cookbook recommendations. Frankly, we do not believe in time-consuming and complicated recipes because time away from food is, in our opinion, psychologically important for calorie control. The recipes we created for the Meals pages have, therefore, been kept simple. All that said, we realize that recipes and cooking are important to many and can be an enjoyable pastime — even in the low-calorie realm.

We searched the Internet for cookbooks containing recipes and meal plans which are:

  • Low calorie
  • Reasonably nutritious
  • Easy to prepare (and minimized clean-up afterwards!)
  • Good-tasting

During our research we found that many of the books that met our criteria are those geared for Diabetics. And vice versa: CRON books --such as the Zone series by Barry Sears -- are excellent for diabetes management!

Please note that we haven't read all these books. Of the ones we didn't read, we tried to select those that received better-than-average reviews from other readers (such as those reporting at Amazon or Barnes & Noble).