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(above: Safety issue--damaged insulator.)

(above: Safety Issue: Vegetation and deteriorated concrete.)

Electrical Engineering--Safety Principles Guide

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C- Face, 3 Phase. ODP Motor

3-phase Motor General Purpose, Hazardous Location

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Do You Know Your Motor Drive?

Industrial Drive
above: ABB Industrial Drive -- ACS800. They are complete AC variable speed drives, which can be installed without any additional cabinet or enclosure and used in process industries such as pulp and paper, metals, mining, cement, power, chemical, and oil and gas. [ABB ACS800 industrial AC inverter drives with direct torque control (DTC) as standard are available both as complete AC drives and as modules to meet the requirements of the users, OEMs and system integrators. The ACS800 range of ac inverters are highly flexible and can be configured to meet the precise needs of industrial applications, and hence order-based configuration is an integral part of the offering.]

above: Motor Soft Starters by ABB. A less-cost alternative to VSDs.

Reliance Electric MD60 AC motor drive.
above: Reliance Electric MD60 AC motor drive.

AC drive
above: An extremely simple AC drive: DC2 Drive by Reliance Electric. Depending on your app. or budget, this may be all you need.

above: Reliance Electric's SP600 NEMA 4X/12. Washdown and Dust-Tight. Prices depend on HP, starting around $1500.00 for 0.5HP, up to $4800.00 for 20HP. [Key Attributes: Sensorless Vector Control (SVC); Operator Interface; Multi-line Graphic LCD Display; Icon Menu; Scalable Monitor Display; Control Modes; V/Hz. Sensorless Vector; Fan/Pump V/Hz.; Internal PI regulator; Flow control; Pressure control; Position control; Auto Tuning.]
Know a starter from a relay from a contactor from a contactor? With so many choices these days, and with technologies merging, the differences seem confusing. Try to guess what each of these may be. For the answer, cursor over each of these images...
Coupling Relays

Soft start

Contactor Relays

Motor Starter, Siemens

Electromechanic Motor Starter
Electromechanic Motor Starter; Electronic Motor Starters with Integrated Soft Starter Function

Motor Starter: This Siemens isolator module with its switch disconnector function serves to safely isolate the 400 V operating voltage when repair work is being carried out in the plant. It features an integrated group-fusing function, i.e. additional group short-circuit protection for all series-connected motor starters. Depending on their power distribution concept, all stations can be optionally fitted with an isolator module.

Siemens SIRIUS Relays--functional block diagram

Timing Relays--Electronic timing relays are employed for all time-delayed switching processes in control, starting, protection and regulation circuits.

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