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Neotame (Zero-Calorie Sweetener)

Neotame Envelope

Neotame is a superb, no-calorie sweetener very similar to (but much more concentrated than) Sucralose (Splenda). Compared to Sucralose (which is 600x sweeter than sugar), Neotame is whopping 8,000x sweeter than sugar. Tastewise, some people prefer it to Sucralose, others don't. It's all a matter of personal taste.

What You Get...

  • Pure, food-industry-grade Neotame Concentrate (powder), All-Purpose No-Calorie Sweetener, in a 12.5g (0.9oz.) packet (shown on right). This packet is the equivalent of 50-Kg (110-Lb) of regular sugar (!!).
  • Very easy to use ... Complete instructions included.
  • Comes in small, safety-sealed ziplock packet (shown).

$70.00 / packet

(Remember: you're getting 110 pounds of sugar equivalent. We buy our products in bulk ... Grocery-store "sugar substitutes" and no-calorie sweeteners, besides being inferior due to added fillers, are way more expensive)

Neotame User Notes

Neotame FAQ

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