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Are non-caloric sweeteners or sugar substitutes safe for human use?

Yes. Not only that but they are among the most thoroughly-researched and safety-tested of any food ingredients used in the industry. The safety statistics come not only from animal studies, but from all the healthy diet-soda and sugar-free candy/gum users. Here's more info on Sucralose safety and Neotame safety.

I want to know if your appetite-control products actually work?

There are a number of items commonly used by us that we have been providing in bulk (since 2001) to the CR Society -- as a service from our own inventory. These are healthful "appetite control products," or "non-caloric food products" that fill you up with either "zero calories", or with "minimal caloric burden."

It all started when the Society group (which did not exist as a non-profit corporation at that time) was seeking bulk Sucralose not available anywhere. In fact, the main Sucralose manufacturing plant had not yet finished construction!

Yet we were able to secure a contract and obtain the product. Sucralose and such items are impossible to overeat, and have been discussed at length in CRSociety forums. They definitely suppress appetite by filling you up, tasting good, and are considered to be generally healthful by several CR Society members. These are specialty items that are inexpensive compared to store foods, and not commonly available in stores either.

I know about the usual diet pills. They are basically caffeine tablets from what I'm told. I'm jittery enough to begin with, so I don't want that. Has there been any new breakthrough in this field?

The most practical "appetite defeating approach" for some of us is to choose essentially non-caloric foods that we can eat without limit -- because they fill us up and taste decent -- and their calories are happily zero, or very close thereto.

The goal of products with minimal calories are:

(1) Create ultra-low calorie foods,

(2) that can be eaten in large quantity

(3) free of worry about when to stop eating

(4) that taste delicious

(5) that are filling and satisfying

(6) that are portable, for snacking

(7) that store OK for a day or two or longer

(8) made from acceptable ingredients (safe due to use of food-industry-grade chemistry)

(9) that are actually healthful (konjac, for example, can significantly lower cholesterol)

(10) but essentially free of calories

(11) that can be used in a social setting

Not everything we carry meets all of these criteria, but they do meet most of them. And they do work and help satisfy you (and distract you!) from being so dog-gone hungry.

How can use of your guar, cellulose and konjac improve my health?

In several ways, but a few key ones right off the bat are blood-sugar, bowel and colon health. This is due to the content of very-high-quality and easily-ingested soluble fiber (guar, konjac) and insoluble fiber (cellulose).

What soluble fiber does in the human body:

  • bind with fatty acids
  • prolong stomach-emptying time so that sugar is released and absorbed more slowly (this is not just optimal for diabetics, but for everyone!)

Benefits of Soluble Fiber:

  • lower total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol (the Bad cholesterol) -- hence, lowering risk of heart disease
  • superbly regulates blood sugar -- ideal for people with or without diabetes

What soluble fiber does in the human body:

  • move bulk through the intestines (better bowel regularity, prevent constipation)
  • control and balance the pH (acidity) in the intestines

Benefits of Insoluble Fiber:

  • promote regular bowel movement and prevent constipation
  • remove toxic waste through colon in less time
  • help prevent colon cancer by keeping an optimal pH in intestines to prevent microbes from producing cancerous substances

More info on: Konjac health benefits

Can I bake with pudding / pie filler products?

Absolutely! In fact, they are excellent for baking with (mix 3:1 with your cake/brownie mix or flour). Not only do they improve the texture and mouth feel of baked goods, for our pre-sweeteend mixes (chocolate, berry), you can remove much of the sugar you normally use.


Disclaimer: A1CR is not a medical authority. Consult your doctor if you are cautious about any product claiming health benefits. A1CR is incorporated completely and not related to any other for- or non-profit organization. A1CR is not advertised, recommended, nor represented by any other company or organization. All items that we carry (over a dozen currently such as fat-free and sugar-free premium cocoa, xanthan, konjac, and more), we use personally. We consider them to be far more healthful than standard grocery fare.