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Neotame User Notes

Neotame Envelope

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1) Neotame is 8,000 times sweeter than sugar. Therefore 100 kg (220 Lbs) sugar-equivalent weighs only 220 Lbs/8,000 = 0.0275 Lbs = 0.44 ounces = 12.50g. Of course, our Neotame packages are conveniently-sized (0.44 ounces or 12.50g) and carefully sealed for your immediate use (shown above).

2) Thus 100 kg (220 Lbs) sugar-equivalence easily fits into a small ziplock envelope. This is because it is so highly concentrated. Only a tiny amount sweetens a lot.

This can surprise people, who might expect 100 kg = 220 Lbs Sugar equivalence to be a big bulky package.

3) Neotame is not sold commercially at grocery stores. Why? It is so super-sweet that direct tasting causes over-stimulation of taste receptors, with resultant bitterness-–not sweetness--if tasted directly--possibly to your surprise. It must be properly diluted, per instructions in water, or else bitter.

4) Standard dilution: Few drops Neotame = 1 teaspoon sugar.

5) Neotame is one of the very few non-caloric sweeteners rated green (totally safe) by the scientist advisory watch-dog consumer protection agency CSPI at chemcuisine.htm. Neotame is considered safe -- and by some, safer than sugar itself.

6) Neotame has zero calories and is noted for creating an intense, acute, long lasting sweetness that persists. Therefore it tends to satisfy sooner, allowing people to eat less food and stop eating sooner.

7) Quick summary for why Neotame works so well.

a. Health & Safety – One of the very few non-caloric alternatives that meets the very highest health and safety standards.

b. Cost Savings: Neotame is a bargain -- and costs 7 times less than Splenda for the same amount of sweetness (sugar equivalence).

c. Neotame has zero calories (Splenda has 96 Cal/cup -- calories like sugar)

d. Neotame considered safer & more healthful than sugar itself:

i. No glycemic rush
ii. No insulin rush
iii. No cephalic response
iv. No glycosylation (Browning of proteins in body tissues, like the visible aging spots seen in elderly)
v. Very highly tested.
vi. Rated totally safe (Green) by consumer interest scientist watch-dog protection advocates.
e. Neotame has no calories, is inert, and non-absorbed (no digestion, calorie free)
f. Hypo-allergenic and free of allergies.
g. One of best tasting of all possible non-caloric alternatives
i. Very sweet -- almost too sweet -- so you use very little.
ii. Long lasting and persistent sweetness that lingers.
iii. Enduring sweetness discourages eating too much; quells appetite.
iv. No bitterness (and must be properly diluted)
v. Safety issues all positive and favorable.
vi. Safe in all nations -- not banned in any foreign country
vii. Widely accepted and respected in food industry worldwide.
viii. Costs less than Sugar per equivalent amount sweetness.
ix. Example: 7 times less than cost of Splenda.
x. Very, very safe -- since use such tiny micro-microscopic amounts with Neotame “hyper sweetener” 8,000 times sweeter than sugar, or in practical terms:
xi. 1 gram Neotame (1/30 ounce) = 8,000 grams sugar = 17.6 Lbs sugar
xii. Incredible ultra-concentration -- Plus safety and value.
xiii. Best of all, you will not use too much.
xiv. Lingering intense sweetness discourages excess appetite. Save calories -- and money too.
xv. NOTE: Most non-caloric sweeteners stimulate appetite -- NOT Neotame! Taste is NOT quite same as sugar -- And that is a pretty good thing. That’s why it’s not in stores, folks! Stores want to sell MORE. You want to eat LESS.

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