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Calorie-Free Sweeteners:

Near-Zero-Calorie Dessert (Pudding--unflavored; choc) Mixes: More info

Near-Zero-Calorie Dessert (Jello) Mixes: More info

Thickeners (Guar, Cellulose); Baking ingredients; Rice substitutes (Konjac): More info

Guar (5-Lb Instant Mix Guar High Viscosity, bland, neutral pH balanced, soluble fiber source. Complete usage instructions included. $50):

Cellulose (2-Lb Bakers Cellulose Micronized, starch-free, gluten-free, insoluble fiber source. Complete usage instructions included. $25):

Konjac (more info indiv. sized packages here)

LorAnn Flavors: More info |

Cocoa Powder: More info |

Intro Packs (Great for starters): Order | More info

Accessories (example: Sweetener dispensers): Order | More info

Our Full Catalog and General Product Information (PDF)