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Sucralose User Notes

Sucralose Envelope

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1) Sucralose is 600 times sweeter than sugar. Therefore: 50 kg (110 Lbs) sugar-equivalent weighs only 110 Lbs/600 = 0.183 Lbs = 2.933 ounces and fits in a small ziplock envelope. Yup -- if you order Sucralose from us, we ship out the convenient, small ziplock envelope (shown above).

This surprises people–who expect 110 Lbs to be a big bulky package.

2) It is so highly concentrated in pure form that it has the surprising effect that it can over-saturate your taste buds. It is so super-sweet that direct tasting causes over-stimulation of taste receptors, with resultant bitterness--not sweetness -- if tasted directly – perhaps to your surprise. Because of this, Sucralose at the grocers is marketed in a diluted form (with calories like sugar) in a product called Splenda (3 to 4 times more expensive).

When using Sucralose, please use only a teeny-tiny amount to sweeten. It must be diluted – or else it will over-stimulate your taste buds, whose excessive sweetness stimulation can cause a bitterness perception.

3) Sucralose is the only non-caloric sweetener rated green (totally safe) by the Scientist advisory watch-dog consumer protection agency CSPI:


Safety of Sucralose has been discussed on at least 25 different occasions at The Calorie Restriction Society, with the same conclusions always: It is safe - and safer than sugar itself.

4) Sucralose has zero calories. It is identical to sugar in both taste and chemical formula, except for a molecular side chain that makes it non-digestible and hence calorie-free.

5) Quick summary for why Sucralose effort is worth the trouble.

a. Health & Safety--No other non-caloric alternative meets the essential health and safety standard we demand.

b. Cost Factor--3 times cost savings over grocery-store Splenda.

c. Sucralose has zero calories (Splenda has 100 Cal/cup – like sugar)

d. Sucralose is considered safer and more healthful than real sugar itself:

i. No glycemic rush

ii. No insulin rush

iii. No cephalic response (the innate sweetness does not fool the brain into producing insulin)

iv. No glycosylation (Browning of proteins in body tissues, like the visible aging spots seen in elderly)

v. Most highly tested. Think of all the people using diet sodas and sugar-free gum! No notable, scientifically-credible study to discredit safety record!

vi. Rated totally safe (Green) by consumer interest scientist watch-dog protection advocates.

e. Chemical formula identical to sugar itself, except for add-on side chain causing inertness and non-absorption (no digestion, calorie free)

f. Free of allergies, because sugar molecule is allergy free.

g. Best tasting of all possible non-caloric alternatives

i. Identical to sugar

ii. No after-taste

iii. No bitterness (properly used)

iv. Safety issues all positive and favorable.

v. Widely accepted and respected in food industry.

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