Calorie Restriction with Optimum Nutrition
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The Albatross -- Miscellaneous Observations and Conclusion

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Lower than average protein intake (i.e. 100g +, far more than is NEEDED for the sedentary AL) is not protective against kidney disease in longitudinal studies in humans (91). Nor does it evidently improve the clinical outcomes in persons who already HAVE kidney disease (92). The protection against nephropathy in CR animals may perhaps explain why some studies have reported such benefits: cut protein out of SAD, and you cut out a lot of excess Cal (from saturated fat -- especially in fatty US meat). Some (93-95), but not all, studies suggest that protein restriction has little or nothing to do with this protection, and is not protective without CR. (96) sounds interesting in this regard, though I have not seen it.

High CHO intake, irrespective of GI, increases odds of diabetes in men (97) and women (98 ), and heart disease in women (99) -- all the worse if high-GI, but total CHO is the major factor; total available CHO intake, ignoring fiber, also increases one's odds of cancer (100), a finding supported by other studies on foods high in glycemic load (101, 102).

So, folks, here is my closing threat. I am, for once, going to show the foresight to save this sucker in my sent-mail archive. And the next time someone says...

> Sears theory is pretty much quackery. There seems to be no
> experimental or epidemiological justification.

... I serve notice to all involved that I will post the whole, unGodly, Gargantuan mess all over again.

Possibly with ADDITIONS, if any striking research comes my way.

Remember, O children of high-carb darkness: you were warned.

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