Calorie Restriction with Optimum Nutrition
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Calorie Restriction: A Science-Backed Fountain of Youth

Calorie Restriction (CR) is the only well-researched and effective means of significantly retarding the aging process that is known to work on post-embryonic animals. CR has been shown to be effective in every organism in which it has been tried, including single-cell yeast, flies, roundworms, rodents, dogs, cats, cattle and – as shown from preliminary evidence – non-human primates. There are many reasons to believe that CR will work on humans! Calorie restriction extends maximum lifespan by slowing fundamental aging processes. However, in order to derive full benefit from CR, a person should avoid diseases and other hazards that might reduce average lifespan. Long-term nutrient deficiencies are one thing that can lead to myriad chronic and (often) late-life diseases, which kill many people. When restricting Calories, it is therefore critical to assure – and then maintain – sufficient nutrient content of one's diet. Humans may gain CR’s powerful life-extension benefits by slowly reducing their caloric intake. Simultaneously, they should carefully avoid deficiencies in any essential nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fats. CR is not the same as "going on a diet," or simply eating less, or starving oneself. Rather, it is a lifestyle set of low-Calorie, highly nutritious dietary choices -- based on the best available scientific evidence -- with specific goals in mind: avoidance of late-life diseases, improved physical fitness and late-life appearance, and, possibly, significant life-extension.

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