Calorie Restriction with Optimum Nutrition
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Part of the long life of a CRONie ... don't forget exercise!

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exercising on elipitical  machine

Be sure to check your blood pressure and heart rate.
Keys Fitness CardioChamp Blood Pressure Monitor HR10

below: Yoga and stretching

image of yoga streching

another image of yog a streching

below: Strength

image of pushups

My exercise regimen consists of 20min of cardiovascular 3-4 times per week. 40 minutes of yoga and strength workouts are done on days I do not do the cardio.

Moderate exercise is an important part of a total anti-aging lifestyle. For me, I try to keep a constant weight and calorie intake level. My exercise regimen may be considered"light" by many standards. At 1950 kcals/day, I feel that additional exercise will force me to consume more calories in order to have enough energy for the rest of my activities (going to work, doing household chores and errands, etc.). Calorie restriction, as demonstrated with animal models, is far more important in maintaining health and longevity than exercise. One has to balance the two appropriately.

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