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Fitness Equipment Topics

Aquatic Fitness

Water workouts are a great way to keep fit. Because of its unique physical properties, water provides the ideal environment for exercise. The natural buoyancy of water reduces weight bearing stress, allowing greater ease of movement with less strain on bones, joints, and muscles. The increased density of water creates even and fluid resistance, comfortably toning and strengthening muscles with greater balance and efficiency.

Exercise Balls

this vendor carries a diverse collection of Exercise Balls. These balls are of the highest quality and are offered at the most competitive prices on the Internet. Exercise balls, also known as fitness balls, Swiss balls, or balance balls, are one of the most useful workout tools available. There are virtually hundreds of different swiss ball exercises one can perform, each targeting an essential muscle group.

Selecting The Correct Size Exercise Ball

Choose the Exercise Ball that is right for you based on your height and what you intend to use it for. When sitting on the ball, your thighs should be parallel or a little above parallel to the floor, with your knees level or a little below the height of your hips. A ball used for exercise should be firm. A ball you will sit on should be softer. You should never need to inflate the exercise ball above the maximum diameter if you have selected the correct size ball.

Weight Benches

Weight benches are a central part of any weight training program. This vendor's weight training benches are of the most sturdy and high quality available, at the lowest prices around.

Cardiovascular Equipment

This vendor carries a wide array of Cardiovascular Equipment to suit your needs. From Treadmills, to Bikes, to Steppers, their inventory of Cardio Equipment has it all. Cardiovascular Exercise Equipment can be one of the most convenient ways to get a Full Body Workout – right in the convenience of your own home. Their Cardio Exercise Equipment comes at the best prices, while never sacrificing quality.

Exercise bikes
Exercise bikes offer one of the most convenient ways to have a total aerobics workout. Recumbent bikes and upright bikes come in many styles and types. This vendor carries only the highest quality bikes at the best prices (compare to proform exercise bikes and vitamaster exercise bikes). Browse these pages to find the stationary exercise bike that is right for you.

Elliptical Trainers
Check out this vendor's incredible deals on elliptical trainers. They carry only the top brands in home elliptical cross trainers, including Precor elliptical trainers and Life Fitness elliptical trainers.

A great way to stay in shape! Steppers are known by many names – stair steppers, aerobics steppers, stair climbers, versa climbers, step machines, stairmasters – but the bottom line is that they provide one of the most intense and vigorous aerobics workouts.

Treadmills are our hottest and most popular items. They allow for a custom-tailored aerobics workout in the comfort of your own home. This vendor's large treadmill offering can suit the needs of individuals at all levels. Their treadmills are of the highest quality and most competitive prices.

Cross country ski simulators are a great total body workout. Build cardiovascular endurance, tone muscle, and lose weight all at the same time!

Mega Equipment Mats

Don't forget to look at the mats we offer to protect your floor surface. They reduce noise, vibrations, and protect the surface of your carpet, tile, or wood flooring.

Group Circuit Training Hydraulic Exercise Equipment

This vendor is excited to introduce our new line of Group Circuit Training Hydraulic Exercise Equipment; Dream Body for Women and Cutting Edge for Men. With the tremendous growth of Women-Only and Men-Only fitness clubs, this equipment allows you to offer your clients a comprehensive, quick yet effective, 30 minute Circuit Training Workout with hydraulic exercise equipment designed exclusively for women or men.

Dream Body and Cutting Edge commercial quality, hydraulic resistance equipment has taken the industry by storm with its contemporary, 11 gauge square steel, heavy duty design and customizable construction. Made in America, each piece is a sturdy 150 Lbs and fully adjustable. Mix and match several pieces of equipment or select one of our “Fitness Center Starter Packages” and get everything you need to start your business out on top! Packages include a designated number of stations, mats, exercise balls as well as screen printed T-Shirts and more!

When selecting this equipment, you can choose a gloss white or gloss black frame. Then, to add that personal touch, select from our wide variety of 68 Vinyl Colors and also get 1 – 2 lines of FREE Custom Embroidery to showcase your organizations name. Check out this affordable, alternative to Curves equipment today and remember…if you want to own and operate your own business as opposed to buying a franchise, this product line is for you!


Plyometric exercises can help you improve your strength, speed and plays a major role in athletic training. If your objective is to run faster, hit harder or jump higher this vendor has the products to help you achieve your goals.

The key to improving performance is by generating the most possible force in the least possible time. This is the primary objective of plyometric training and is a great way to improve power. The word "plyometrics" has been around for quite some time and have been used by athletes for many years.

How does plyometric training work?

As a muscle elongates while it contracts it produces energy, which it can store. If the muscle then shortens while it contracts this elastic energy can increase the force of the contraction. A good example is if a person jumps vertically and bends down just before leaping. By lowering down this stretches the working muscle groups making it contract more forcefully during the jump. The muscle is stretched and contracted more forcefully. This generates peak power.

Resistance Training

Resistance bands are extremely convenient workout tools you can use anytime, anywhere for a quick and thorough workout in just minutes. Our exercise resistance bands are very high quality and come in many different colors, each with a different resistance level. Choose the resistance training band color that suits your personality and strength level!


Walking Is A Great Form Of Cardio Exercise!

This vendor offers Walking Equipment, Hand, Ankle & Wrist Weights, Weighted Shoes and Shoe Weights.

They also offer Walking Training Programs sold individually or packaged as kits. See our HOTTEST Videos & DVDs Section below. Walking Kits are available with a Walking Program, one pair of The Original Heavy Hands Dumbbells or 2 - 2.5 Lb Ankle Weights or both.


* Walkers Live Longer
* Walking Helps Prevent Weight Gain
* You Can Walk Off Weight
* Walking Reduces Risk of Cancer
* Walking Reduces Risk of Heart Disease & Stroke
* Walking Reduces Diabetes Risk
* Walking Boosts Your Brain Power
* Walking Improves Mood & Relieves Stress
* Walking Can Prevent Erectile Dysfunction
* It's Easy To Get Started Walking!!!

Weights & Accessories

Getting the right amount and variety of free weights is essential to a complete home gym. This vendor carries weight plates, dumbbells, weight lifting bars, barbells, and weight storage racks to help you attain that perfect home or commercial gym.

Women's Fitness

Women's Fitness is no longer about dieting and weight loss; it's a total approach to good health and a healthier lifestyle. Strength training builds lean muscle and can help prevent or reduce the symptoms of osteoporosis, adult onset of diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure heart disease and stress.

Most strength training equipment is designed for men; yet women are taking up strength training at a rate 4 times faster than men. There is now equipment, like Danskin Fitness Equipment For Women that is designed specifically for women. Strong, lean muscles (not necessarily larger ones) increase the body’s metabolism. Feeling stronger, feeling better, moving with ease, staying active and preventing injuries are additional benefits of strength training just a few times a week.

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Common Questions about Home Exercise Equipment Answered:

  • What are the benefits to exercising at home?
  • What type of home exercise equipment should I purchase?
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Want to specialize as a "Physical Fitness Specialist (FS)"?

Sample Career in: Sport & Fitness Management

Our vendors offer the finest selection of high-quality exercise equipment at prices you can afford. Their goal is to be your single source for reliable and durable physical-fitness equipment and accessories. Many of the staff members at our vendor partner's company are certified fitness trainers. They have virtually everything you need to meet your home, commercial, institutional & government fitness-equipment & accessory needs.

Types of products our vendor partner carries:

TOP-SELLING Home Gym Training Equipment
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Testimonials for our vendor:

Here is my testimonial about the Mega Vertical Leg Press: When I started building my home gym, I wasn't sure if I wanted a 45% Leg Press or one of my favorites, a Vertical Leg Press. After seeing the Mega Vertical Leg Press on [our vendor partner's website] I ordered the piece of equipment right away. I wanted the Vertical Press for several reasons. First, it takes up half the room of a 45% Leg Press. My gym is only 500 square feet so I need all the room I can get. Second, I can do the work I need to do with 1/4 the amount of 45 lb. pound plates which means less work for me to load the plates and also I cut down on the cost of extra plates. Third, there is nothing like the feeling you get with actual weight and when your pressing vertically your pushing actual weight. You don't get that on the 45% Leg Press. My quads are some of the best in the IFBB so believe when I tell you, "the Mega Vertical Press is one of the best pieces I have ever used."

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