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  • Variety: Our merchant partner has the largest selection of manual wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs, electric scooters, lift chairs, rollators, rolling walkers, canes and bath aids. They stock from every major manufacturer like Invacare, Medline and Sunrise Medical.
  • Customer Service: The purchase of wheelchairs and electric scooters often brings up many questions. Our merchant partner's customer service people understand the wheelchair buying process. They've helped thousands of people purchase wheelchairs and scooters.

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We do things the old-fashioned way: by spending weeks searching and researching the Internet, magazines , and even print catalogs, looking for e-commerce and e-shopping sites that give the best deals in name-brand , high-value products. We also dig into reputability and customer service issues of these vendors -- what good is the best price if the return/exchange policy stinks; and what good is a long-term warranty if the company will be out of business in a few years?!

Below you will find the results of our research: hand-selected merchants and vendors offering what we feel are the best values in budget and top-of-the-line personal-assistance products. top of page


Thank you very much for the overnight shipping for my order. I received my order 15 1/2 hours after I placed it with you 4 months ago and haven't looked back since. I broke my left femur in October 2001 due to osteo-necrosis. It was repaired with rods, pins & screws. Due to the non-healing fracture site, I underwent femur transplant surgery in September 2002 along with a fibula harvested to the fractured site as well. I have been on crutches almost 3 years and cannot walk without them due to only being able to put 20lbs. of weight on this leg. I am 6' 1" and weigh almost 300lbs. I have gone thru at least 7 pair of supposedly industrial strength hospital type crutches. They have bent, broke and I've replaced at least 10 pairs of tips. Your product is absolutely the best crutches I've ever owned. I cannot believe the ease in which it is to move around. You cannot make these crutches slip. The tips are so well thought out in their design. They are awesome. You can no longer hear me coming down the hallway. There is zero noise from the crutches with all my weight on them. I walk so much more upright. My wife says I looked like I was in so much pain before when I used my old crutches. I don't want to show off too much improvement, she may put me back to my old chores. Thank you again for your courteous and professional service and for sending me a fantastic product that I will use exclusively and recommend to anyone who is tired of being on out dated crutches that are ill equipped for their sole designed purpose. This is a revolutionary product and I'm so glad I found you. I feel that I'm no longer disabled but I just needed a great pair of crutches to help me get around.

Brett A. Auburn, KY

Dear Joseph,

Sorry I didn't get this note off sooner, but my mother just recently passed away, and I have been more than busy. I wanted to advise you how impressed I was by the efficiency and kindness of one of your employees, Fern. She managed to get a wheelchair for my husband that he is thrilled with. This probably sounds trivial to you, but we have been trying for over a year to get a wheelchair like the one Fern found for us. She persevered with us from beginning to end in the purchase of this chair, even though we had to exchange the first one because it wouldn't fit through our front door. I find this a remarkable quality in these days. We tried to deal with many other companies before we found Fern. None of them followed through for us. Please give our best to Fern. God willing we will be taking Jack out (he is totally bedridden with MS) in your reclining wheelchair to Ocean City, Maryland this coming weekend.

John & Marilyn D. Bensalem, PA

Subject: Praise for an excellent employee

Dear Mr. Piekarski,

I am a recent customer of 1800wheelchair.com. I don't often write letters of praise, but I feel compelled to send one to you with regard to one to your employees, Ms. Fern seidman, your Senior Medical Equipment Advisor. Due to a serious arthritis condition in my legs and back, in the past year I had need for a good, sturdy bathtub bench made for a heavy person. A friend gave me your website address and I was interested in one of the benches I saw there, in addition to some other medical supplies. I called your toll free number and reached Ms. seidman who was just about the most pleasant and helpful salesperson/customer service person I have ever dealt with in my life, and I'm no youngster. She personified the concept of "taking the extra step" and "going the extra mile" to help me and answer many, many, questions about several items on the website. Mr. Piekarski, when I wasn't disabled and was a working gal, I was supervisor in a customer service center in the telecommunications industry and found it very difficult getting and keeping good employees who really cared about servicing a customer as well as about increasing the profits of the business. Someone like Ms. seidman should be rewarded for the kind of service she gives, if me experience is any example. I am extremely satisfied with your company and with the prompt and courteous service I received from Ms. seidman. I love the Rubbermaid bath bench I bought, and I'm about to purchase another item, the folding seat cane. I have also given your website's name and phone number to a friend of mine who just got out of the hospital after surgery and needs a wheelchair and several other items. I have also recommended your website to two physicians I see regularly so they can refer patients of theirs who might need medical supplies.

Thank you!!
Bonnie T. Brooklyn, NY

Subject: Mother's Chair

Hi Fern,

The chair did indeed arrive on the day you cited last week. I think she likes it (hard to tell as she has Parkinson's plus dementia). But I love it -- so much lighter and negotiable than the older chairs.

She's not happy about the tray, but I think we'll just put it away for a while and later try again. Her tremors prevent her from holding books and things, and I think the tray would be a great asset. Everything takes time...

Just wanted to thank you for all your help. I never take "helpers" for granted.


Carlisle, PA

Subject: Order for Wheelchair

Dear Seorita (o Se ora),

I think you will remember supplying a wheelchair for me to my brother in law in Colorado Springs, for him to bring to me in Peru. This is to let you know that the operation was successfully completed and I have received and am using the wheelchair right now. ( It was rather like receiving a new car !!). The interesting part of this story is that originally my children bought me the wheelchair as a present to help me get around more easily as I had bad circulation in my legs. In this context it was something of a luxury. However, in the few days that passed after my placing the order with you, I had to enter hospital and lost the use of my right leg. By the time the wheelchair arrived in Peru, I had had the operation and was back at home, and it had changed from being a luxury to being a necessity, So the part you played in getting it to Colorado on good time was of the greatest importance and I want to thank you and your company from the bottom of my heart for your swift and efficient service. As they say down here in Latin America, "Muchsimas gracias, Tu es una verdadera angelita. Con un gran besito".

Regards, John W.

Peru, South America

Subject: My Medicare Order

To whom this may concern,

I had found your web site on line in an effort to help my Mom get a wheel chair for my Dad. I filled out the form for her with no idea of how wonderful your staff is to deal with. Anyone who has spoken to her has been extremely helpful, and now she has a much needed advocate to get the aid that she is entitled to. Your staff has been more helpful than the nurse-receptionist at the doctor's office with whom my parents have gone to for 46 years, in filling out the required forms.

Thanks again, and you will be highly recommended to anyone we talk to.


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