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Pudding Mixes

Instant Berry Pudding & Pie Filling 

Contains no starch at all. Is fiber-based guar & cellulose.  Only 11 Calories per tablespoon, and technically ZERO calories -- except for fermentation of the fiber in digestive tract. Otherwise, the pudding base would have no calories at all. Still tastes great, especially after setting overnight in fridge. Natural fiber ratio: 1/2 soluble fiber, 1/2 insoluble fiber. Mixes up smooth and free of lumps when stirred briskly.  Use 3 TBL per cup of water.  Use less to make thinner.  Unflavored, unsweetened. Makes hundreds of servings, depending on thickness. (PM0224-UNFL)

$30 for 2-Lb bag

 Instant Berry Pudding Pie Filling


Chocolate pudding 
This is an instant-mix "add water only" powder blend (the image on right shows the package). To our best knowledge, this is the lowest calorie pudding in the world, at only 15 Cal per serving -- since if one discounts the fermentation of the fiber, it is 5 Calories per serving.  It is fiber-based (no starch), and a 50/50 blend of soluble and insoluble fiber.  Use 3 TBL per cup of water.  Use less powder to make thinner.  Unflavored, unsweetened.  Makes hundreds of servings, depending on thickness.  (PM0224-CHOC)

$40 for 2-Lb bag


 Pudding Mix bag
Make mine sweet...

The pudding mixes above are unsweetened. A zero-calorie sweetener like Sucralose or Neotame is needed to make puddings. Both Sucralose and Neotame are available from us for $70.00/packet. For Sucralose, you will receive a compact  83g/3oz. packet, equal to an incredible 50 kg (110 Lbs) of sugar! Neotame's tiny 12.5g/0.9oz packet, is also equal to an  50 kg (110 Lbs) of sugar! Sounds expensive, but just the reverse, as explained in this cost comparison with common grocery-store Splenda. As always, the real benefits from these sweeteners are that they are calorie-free and carb-free!

Order Sucralose at $70.00/packet

 Sucralose 83g/3oz.
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