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SUPER-SECTION 1: Engine Construction, Diagnosis, Disassembly, and Inspection


This is the ultimate, comprehensive guide about the diagnosis, repair, and rebuilding of engines in modern automobiles and light trucks. Super-Section 1, comprising the first six sub-sections, introduces the learner to internal combustion engines.

Sub-section 1 provides a brief overview of engine construction and operation. Safety and shop equipment are covered next in sub-section 2. Section 3 deals with engine problem diagnosis that can be performed before engine repair while the engine is still running. The section has been designed so that it can be used as a reference while studying the rest of the guide. Section 4 covers engine removal, disassembly, inspection, and diagnosis of internal engine parts wear. Also covered are in-chassis repairs-those that can be done on an engine without removing it from the vehicle. The final two sections in this section deal with engine cleaning and measuring after disassembly.

SUB-SECTION 1: Engine Operation

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